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An article in HDBuzz http://en.hdbuzz.net/199 reported on GM1 for HD.  Unfortunately they did not talk with GRI or The Shepherd’s Gift before they published.  As a result of their rush to get their version online there is misinformation in the article.  I have explained the discrepancies on the HDBuzz correction page.  The take home message is that GM1 has decades of research data and has been proven safe in hundreds of thousands of patients.  The missing link is a verifiable source.  Once the bovine source was banned due to BSE, research was greatly hindered.  We are pursing a verified source of GM1 to provide a treatment for HD and eventually other neurologic diseases.   We are disheartened that “researchers” don’t fully review the scientific literature and report it accurately.  The first component of any graduate degree is a thorough evaluation of the scientific literature. We have a reference page to validate our information on GM1.  Don’t take our word for the potential therapeutic benefits GM1 has for HD.  Please review the literature for yourself.

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