Michigan Sheep Producers Association “Shepherd’s Weekend”

The MSPA was a great opportunity to spread the word about the project. Two families who are living with HD were present and once again made us realize how important the success of this project is. More than 200 people packed the room as Larry and I presented. We truly appreciated this opportunity to spread the word about this grassroots venture. Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) was there to film our presentations and also interviewed one of the families. Thank you Mike and Heather Ludlam for you enthusiastic participation and willingness to share your personal story. .

Following the meeting a local Fox news channel also picked up the story.http://fox17online.com/2016/01/14/family-fighting-huntingtons-disease-with-sheep/#ooid=VhcjA3MDE697La5J0H0-INiRjinSIAk8

Also check out Facebook for updates http://facebook.com/gm1forhd


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  1. Stephane Demotz says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I would be interested in connecting with a person involved in the work on GM1-gangliosidosis sheep.
    Dorphan is a spin off of the Swiss Sanfilippo Foundation and it is developing a compound for the treatment of GM1-gangliosidosis/Morquio disease type B. I am currently looking for a suitable disease animal model for the testing of our drug candidate.

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