Each ewe is individually identified with a USDA Scrapie Flock Certification Program number including premise ID.
GlycoScience Research Inc. (GSR) has developed a flock of sheep that are carriers for GM1 gangliosidosis.  The flock was enrolled in the USDA Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SFCP) in 2003.  After 5 years of surveillance, the flock, SD21, became a Certified Flock on Jan. 31, 2008.  When the Export Monitored Category became available in 2007, the flock was enrolled.  After finishing our yearly inventory, we are awaiting Certified Status in the Export Monitored Program.  The flock has operated as a high health sheep flock for the past 20 years.  All breeding females are raised on the farm in compliance with program standards.  Unrelated rams are brought in periodically to maintain genetic diversity.  A molecular genetic test has been developed to determine genotype status and aid in the selection of carrier animals for flock expansion.
In 2016 Shearwell electronic identification tags were added to all animals for traceability purposes.  Other cooperators have also incorporated this system into their flocks. As we move into pharmaceutical production each vial of GM1 will be able to be traced back to the farm of origin and to the individual animal.

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  1. Tom Dosch says:

    Hi, I just checked out your website. Looks good.
    Tom & Maria

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tom. We have worked on this project for so long. Hopefully we can use these sheep to help HD and someday, maybe even Parkinson’s.
      Larry and Sue

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