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Over the past 20 years we have developed and maintained a flock of unique sheep carrying a genetic trait that may help those living with Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

We are passionate about what our sheep may be able to offer those people living with these diseases.

Dec. 13th at the Dakota Lamb Growers Annual Meeting in Aberdeen, SD is our next opportunity to spread the word about GM1 for HD and update cooperators.

Oct. 30-31st was a productive GM1 summit to bring researchers together to move toward a preIND FDA meeting and to pursue funding opportunities with NIH/NINDS. 

Sept 26-28th-the SD Sheep Growers Convention was another opportunity  to spread the word about GM1 for HD. Katelyn’s Family helped sheep producers realize the impact these GM1 lambs can have on families that desperately need a treatment for HD.   The Button Boys are pushing forward with their efforts to raise funds for JHD research  (see their Facebook page Button Boys fighting Juvenile Huntington’s disease).  Kate and her brothers captured the hearts of SD sheep growers and their support for the Katelyn project was beyond amazing! GM1 for HD!!! Look for The Shepherd’s Gift:GM1 for HD  on Facebook.  

Over 80 people attended the June 28th GM1 Forum at the Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative Meeting on our farm.

Sheep producers and other interested local individuals joined us but most importantly

new crop 2013 lamb with the potential to produce GM1 to treat patients

lamb with the potential to produce GM1 to treat patients

families who live with Huntington’s Disease attended and shared their stories, putting a face to HD. Those in attendance were interested in raising these GM1 lambs to benefit families they met and the larger HD community. 

2013 lamb crop as of March.  We've added over 500 lambs thus far to further using GM1 as an treatment for HD

We’ve added over 500 lambs this year to further the use of GM1 as an treatment for HD

Please visit our website often to learn about what’s going on with the farm and with research on GM1 ganglioside.

See our latest updates and let us hear from you here or on our blog page.

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  1. Tom Schechinger says:

    It was good to speak with you today. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope to further our discussion. I believe a meeting would be mutually beneficial and I’m open to traveling to accomplish if that’s the most practical. My cell phone is 712-579-9445 and my address is 816 Ironwood Rd. Harlan, Iowa.
    Good Day!

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