SD Sheep Growers Convention a Success

The weekend of the SDSGA convention was busy and eventful.  Katelyn Hansen and her family were able to attend the meeting and Mike Hansen spoke to those in attendance about what it is like to have your 18 year old daughter be diagnosed with Juvenile HD. Katelyn is now 23 and the chorea of the HD symptoms are pronounced.  Katelyn is a beautiful, courageous young woman, who with her family, is trying to find a treatment for HD not only for her but for all families who struggle with this devastating disease.  As people were able to visit with Kate, her Dad Mike, her brother Mikey and the Button Boys, Landon, Shawn and Gabe (her younger step brothers) they were educated about HD and one families fight to find a treatment. The Banquet following the meeting was truly overwhelming as the generosity and compassion of the sheep producers resulted in a rollover auction of a wool blanket for Kate.  After several rounds of the blanket auction somewhere between $4-$5,000 was raised for the “Katelyn project”.  This generosity also fostered the name for the non-profit fundraising and promotion organization in the process of being formed “The Shepherd’s Gift: GM1 for HD” (see Facebook). Thank  you so much to everyone who attended and was moved to help with this project.

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