Thank you to sponsors, volunteers, and participants in The Shepherd’s Shuffle on

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 in conjunction with the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association Annual Convention in Brookings, SD.

It was a great way to watch the sunrise!


For Details see GM1 for HD Golf Classic Site

Sunday February 28th, Brookings, SD Old Sanctuary (928th 4th St) 2-5 pm

Please join HD families, Glycoscience Research and The Shepherd’s Gift: GM1 for HD to get acquainted and learn more about a grassroots venture to bring a treatment for HD to clinical trials. Everyone welcome! Please bring a friend!Questions: contact Sue Holler 605-695-9478

Jan 8-10, 2016 is the Michigan Sheep Breeders Association Shepherd’s Weekend.  We will be presenting “THE SHEPHERD’S GIFT: GM1 FOR HD” on Saturday Jan. 9th. In addition we will have a breakout session and a booth.     Please join us as the grassroots effort continues to grow!

The GM1 for HD Golf Classic – Golfing for a Cure! Held on Saturday October 17, 2015 at Green Valley Golf Course, Sioux City, IA  ( was a great success!!   HD families and friends put together a fantastic fundraiser to help move GM1 closer to clinical trials. 

The Dakota Lamb Growers Co-op 2015 Summer meeting: GM1 for HD & Charity Auction for The Shepherd’s Gift on June 26-27 was well attended. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the auction & everyone who purchased items to support The Shepherd’s Gift.  We also appreciated the seed money for the auction provided by Thrivent Financial Action Teams. Live Generously was a very fitting theme for the event.  Once again the family stories were touching and inspiring.  A special thank you to the Hansen, Hilton and Oss families for sharing their stories.   It is never easy but hearing from you is what keeps us trying to push GM1 forward to get the chance it deserves in clinical trials. 

Jan. 23 – FDA PIND application successful! (see blog)

To help support this grassroots initiative see Facebook: The Shepherds’s Gift: GM1 for HD or CrowdRise

new crop 2013 lamb with the potential to produce GM1 to treat patients

How can I help?…. A newborn lamb with the potential to produce GM1 to treat patients

On Dec. 13th we met with the Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative at their Annual Meeting in Aberdeen, SD to continue spreading the word about GM1 for HD and update cooperators. For a recap of the presentation see The Farm Forum article (12/19/14 issue)

The Shepherd’s gift: Devastating disease could be thwarted. or The Rapid City Journal

Oct. 30-31st was a productive GM1 summit to bring researchers together to move toward a preIND FDA meeting and to pursue funding opportunities with NIH/NINDS. 

Sept 26-28th-the SD Sheep Growers Convention was another opportunity  to spread the word about GM1 for HD. Katelyn’s Family helped sheep producers realize the impact these GM1 lambs can have on families that desperately need a treatment for HD.   The Button Boys are pushing forward with their efforts to raise funds for JHD research  (see their Facebook page Button Boys fighting Juvenile Huntington’s disease).  Kate and her brothers captured the hearts of SD sheep growers and their support for the Katelyn project was beyond amazing! GM1 for HD!!! Look for The Shepherd’s Gift:GM1 for HD  on Facebook.  

Over 80 people attended the June 28th GM1 Forum at the Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative Meeting on our farm. Sheep producers and other interested local individuals joined us but most importantly families who live with Huntington’s Disease attended and shared their stories, putting a face to HD. Those in attendance were interested in raising these GM1 lambs to benefit families they met and the larger HD community. 

GM1 affected lambs

GM1 affected lambs

Please visit our website often to learn about what’s going on with the farm and with research on GM1 ganglioside.

See our latest updates and let us hear from you here or on our blog page.

10 Responses to Events

  1. Tom Schechinger says:

    It was good to speak with you today. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope to further our discussion. I believe a meeting would be mutually beneficial and I’m open to traveling to accomplish if that’s the most practical. My cell phone is 712-579-9445 and my address is 816 Ironwood Rd. Harlan, Iowa.
    Good Day!

  2. Traci Pratt says:

    My son is declining quickly due to JHD, I would like to do some fundraisers….how can I help?

    • admin says:

      Hi Traci,
      Our hearts and prayers go out for your son. A non-profit organization, The Shephard’s Gift – GM1 for HD has recently been formed, and is operated by supporters and families that struggle with HD. Look them up on facebook. They are in the initial stages of the fundraising process. If you would like to join their efforts, I can put you in contact with the group.
      Take care,

      • Mel Priest says:

        I am interested in getting more information on this from fundraising and how I may get info on the sheep from the breeders. I’d like to help, I’ve got land to spare.

        • admin says:

          Hi Mel,
          We can always use help of any kind. You can give me a call sometime if you would like to visit.
          Take care,
          605-695-0984 cell

  3. Tricia Wempe says:

    FDA Pre-IND “Green Light” for Ovine GM1 is GREAT!
    “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind!” (Neil Armstrong Quote)
    Celebrate these victories! No matter how big or small.
    Totally God!
    Sincerely, –TW

  4. Paul Hunter, DVM says:

    I have a specific pahtogen free flock of sheep, perhaps we have some common interests. Please email me.

  5. Paul Hunter, DVM says:

    I maintian a specific pahtogen free flock of sheep including Finns, Pleae email me as we mayhave some common interests. Paul

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